Physical Therapy Treatments

Brenda uses pain-free, safe, and very effective OsteopathicManual Therapy as the main focus of treatments. Manual Therapy is using skilled, hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissue and joints for the purpose of decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, reducing inflammation, inducing relaxation and improving function. Once the muscles and joints are in correct alignment, then the pain and inflammation can go away and muscles can then be strengthened. If needed, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, soft tissue massage, and exercise are given.

Manual Therapy is effective with acute and chronic orthopedic injuries, postural problems with low back, SI Joint, and hip pain and athletic and industrial injuries of the spine and extremities. Not all PT’s are efficiently trained in these techniques. Brenda has extensive training in the following Manual Therapy techniques. 

  • Strain/Counterstrain: positioning a muscle to promote complete relaxation of a spasm.
  • Muscle Energy: A Contract/Relax exercise to re-align joints.                
  • Mulligan Mobilization with Movement: A sustained repositioning of a joint while performing a movement or function to correct the alignment and relax muscles.