Who Needs Custom Feet Orthotics?

Did you know the alignment of your feet and theway your feet walk affects all the joints above them? If you have reoccurring knee, hip, groin, pelvis, low back, or SI joint pain, your feet may be out of alignment, causing or aggravating those problems. Or, you may just have plain ol' foot pain.

Who Should Make Your Orthotics?

Who better than a Physical Therapist that is already trained to correct musculo-skeletal dysfunctions?

Brenda Shelton has been a Physical Therapist for 30 years specializing in Manual Therapy and exercise. She uses a hands-on holistic approach to correct pain and dysfunction for musculo-skeletal, orthopedic, and sports related injuries.

Brenda is now combining her skills for correcting your body alignment and alleviating pain to also provide you with personally made orthotics to help keep you in alignment. She makes them by hand herself – they are not sent out. They can usually be ready in 7-10 days. The price includes a complete mechanical and functional evaluation, molding, constructing, and any fine tuning or revisions needed to make them fit perfectly. You will also be provided with home stretches or exercises when they are needed.

Orthotics are important to allow normal foot function to occur. Due to years of sports activities and/or the aging process, the arches begin to flatten, toes curl, bones spread and pain occurs. Orthotics will keep your feet in a neutral position to decrease or eliminate abnormal or compensatory motions, and unnecessary stresses in the joints above.