Step out of pain, and into comfort!


Do you find yourself saying, "Oh, my aching back and shoulders" or, "This pain in my hips and feet"? Are you unable to exercise or do the things you enjoy because of your pain? Do you dread walking because your feet hurt? If so, Stepping Out Physical Therapy and Custom Feet Orthotics may be the perfect solution for you!

Brenda Shelton PT, CMP offers Physical Therapy treatments to help realign joints and relax muscle spasms with gentle, pain-free manual therapy and osteopathic techniques. She will guide you into a perfect home exercise and stretching program and teach you home self treatment techniques.

Her custom orthotics are made in-house. They will optimize the alignment of your feet, knees, hips, SI joints, and spine to reduce abnormal strain and shock throughout your body.

Take a moment to read through what Brenda Shelton PT, CMP can offer you.


Custom Feet Orthotics

Find out what custom feet orthotics can do to make your daily life less painful, in ways you might not have known!

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Physical Therapy

Manual physical therapy can decrease pain, increasing range of motion, reducing inflammation, inducing relaxation and improving function  

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